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Caring For Your Sunglasses

A Big Congrats On Your Purchase of Engleberts' Wooden Sunglasses. Please treat your Sunglasses like the delicate item they are. While infinitely more stylish and Eco-Friendly than plastic sunglasses, they do need loving care.

Like the boring safety class you have to take before they let you skydive, let's quickly hit on the surefire way to make your Engleberts Premium Wooden Sunglasses stand the test of time.  

A lot of people make the mistake of using facial tissue paper to wipe their glasses clean. Avoid this. Any wood based material would be abrasive in nature, and may cause scratches. Microfiber lens cloth is your best option when it comes to cleaning lenses and we include a free one, use it.

Take your glasses off using both hands. ­Even though it may drop your coolness quotient a tad, it will keep your glasses properly aligned. Taking them off with one hand usually stretches them out.

Never use fingernails or fingers. When cleaning your glasses, don't try to scratch off a mark with your nail or fingers because this will only make it worse.

Treat it like your furniture. ­When your wood eyeglasses start to look a little worn out, apply a hint of wax or oil to bring back the luster. Butcher block oil or transparent lip balm should do the trick.

Avoid cleaners. Cleaning liquids usually have strong chemicals in them, that might damage the wood. Avoid these, use only a microfiber cloth (Included with your purchase).

Don't throw them in the pool to check their water resistance. ­Wooden eyewear is typically water resistant. It can withstand sweat and nominal quantities of water. Excessive exposure to water might cause your wood eyeglasses to warp.

Don't keep your glasses on top of your head. ­This might distort the shape and increase the risk of falling and breaking.

Avoid putting them on the dashboard of your car. ­This is especially true for areas that get a lot of sun.

Don't store them loosely in your purse/bag. ­People stuff all sorts of things in their bags, food, combs, cosmetics, credit cards and so on. If you throw your glasses in your purse without their case, they are likely to be damaged in all sorts of ways. Bring your free microfiber pouch along for the ride.

Avoid placing them in your pocket.­ This goes without saying, they might either fall out, or you might wind up sitting on them. And if you've got keys in your pockets, the odds are you will most definitely scratch your wooden frame eyeglasses.

Beware of hanging them from your shirt. ­Again, as fashionable as that looks, it's not safe for the glasses. They can very easily fall off, especially if you jump or bend.

Sound like a lot of work doesn't it? Nah, just be cognizant of your little treasures and they'll be fine. Before you know it,  good sunglass hygiene will become second nature and you'll be a better person for it.


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