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Eyeglass Straps Adjustable/Eyeglass Retainer/Sunglass Rope/Eyewear Holder/Glasses Lanyard/ Black

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Sunglasses Straps/ Eyeglasses Retainer / Sports Safety Cord / Rope / Lanyard/ Holder / Strings


Protect Your Conversation Piece With These Sturdy and Handsome Sunglass Straps. Prevents Breakage and Loss of Glasses While Keeping Them Conveniently Handy.

Just damp rubber ends to fit any size arms

Great for: Driving/Reading/Fishing/Kayaking

Boating/ Camping/Hiking/Sailing

Jogging/Rock Climbing/Surfing/Potato Sack Racing 

Works on Eyeglasses, Reading Glasses, Sunglasses, etc. 


  • End loops securely fasten all types of eyeglasses
  • Adjustable slider
  • Length Approximately 27"
  • Material: Nylon, Silicone, Polycarbonate
  • Perfect Size: Adjusts To All Frame Sizes
  • Quantity : 1 PC


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